Monday, December 19, 2011

Chapter Three: Part Five

Continued from Chapter Three: Part Four

“I think I’m sticking with these lads,” Wexerly said.

Jarvela managed to keep his face neutral. “Oh?” he said. “What about world significance and all that rotted gibbering we’ve been fed for all these months.” He spoke of the things that the Runagates had been spreading among their coverts and whispered communities, things that Wexerly corroborated.

Wexerly often agreed with the inner party of Runagates, who communicated secretly to Jarvela.

Jarvela looked peeved with Wexerly. Wexerly, though, smiled. He knew that Jarvela, world-weary as he was, had hoped Wexerly would be along for the strange adventures Jarvela feared lay before him. The prospect of moving on without Wexerly frightened Jarvela. Wexerly could tell that, though Jarvela would never admit to it. Jarvela didn’t actually know what to do next. He knew what he was supposed to do next, but he didn’t understand it. He thought that Wexerly would understand it.

Wexerly might. He smiled. “Buck up, old man,” he said. “You’ve got to live your own life.”

“If you must,” Jarvela said, looking away from Wexerly.

“You’ll be all right, Jarvela,” Wexerly said. He smiled still. He genuinely liked Jarvela and wished him all the best. It seemed inevitable that Jarvela would do great things. Wexerly felt it in his bones. Turning to Ned and Stodge, Wexerly grinned. “Come on lads.” He ran out of Hole in the Wall. The gang followed him.

Halfway down the cold street, Stodge asked Wexerly where they were going.

“South,” Wexerly said. “South to make waves.”

Sorry for the brevity. Thus ends the chapter. Chapter Four commences on December 21...


Silentiea said...

I think this is the first really new bit (to me) that you've posted. Did the rest have any significant alterations in editing that I missed?

Oliver said...

No. There are few to no changes between the version you read and this one.